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About Verifi-ID

A belief that an employee, student or tenant is British or is legally resident in the UK is not enough. There is a statutory obligation to carry out the correct checks by obtaining original documents, checking their validity, and keeping records.

The array of documents that can be provided for proof of right to work, study or rent is enormous. This is further complicated by a huge black market in fake and forged documents for criminals trying to beat the system.

Don’t take chances with your business. We have the skills and experience to help you avoid falling foul of the law.

Our team of expert advisers and trainers, all former UK Home Office staff with unparalleled knowledge of both legislation and document fraud, can equip you with all the necessary information to ensure you protect your business.


Did you know that the UK immigration laws mean that illegal immigrants no longer have the right to…


In the UK



In the UK



In the UK



In the UK


And that there are significant consequences for those who provide these facilities without conducting proper checks?

Our comprehensive training and advisory services can help you if you are

  1. An employer who wants to ensure you meet the “obtain /check / copy” right to work requirements;
  2. A landlord who wants to ensure you meet the requirements to conduct immigration checks upon your tenants;
  3. An education provider who wants to ensure you meet the sponsorship requirements to offer courses to foreign students;
  4. A financial services provider who wants to ensure you meet the requirements to conduct immigration checks on your account holders; then

Who We Are

Howard Pope

Howard is an Expert Document Examiner and one of the UK’s leading authorities on identity document forgery. He spent more than half of his 36 years Home Office service in the National Document Fraud Unit, becoming the national lead for copy document fraud.

Howard has extensive experience in forgery training and has trained governments worldwide and global institutions including the IOM, the EU and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

He has written and delivered numerous forgery detection training programmes and is the author of a national guide to copy document fraud.

Tony Smith CBE

Tony Smith served in the UK Home Office between 1972 and 2013, at all levels in the UK Immigration Service / UK Border Agency / UK Border Force up to and including Director General of the UK Border Force.

He has a vast experience of immigration law and policy, including the introduction of sponsorship requirements for colleges and right to work checks for employers. As Regional director of the UK border Agency in London and the South East, Tony was responsible for all aspects of immigration law enforcement across the region; and led several high-profile operations against unscrupulous employers and bogus colleges.

Tony went on to lead the UKBA’s Olympic Security Programme, including a background checking and verification system for all participants at the London 2012 Olympics; a role for which he was later awarded the Order of the Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

He is now a regular commentator on regional, national and international media channels on all aspects of Immigration and Border Control.

Diane Margaret Birch  OBE

Diane served 40 years in the Civil Service, initially with the MOD, but for the most part in the Immigration Service / Border Agency where she worked in a variety of front line roles, gaining highly developed skills in forgery detection. She served at Heathrow Airport, and at Waterloo International /Paris Gare du Nord, leading teams at the border and immigration controls. She undertook a wide range of operational and managerial posts before before retiring in 2016.

In  2001 Diane led a team of Immigration Officers operating at Prague Airport to intercept inadmissible passengers targeting the UK. Her particular role was to deal with the press and represent the Home Office in response to media interest and critical comment towards this sensitive exercise.

She has an in depth knowledge of West Africa, having been seconded five times to the Diplomatic Service in Nigeria, dealing both with visa applications at the High Commission in Lagos and as an Airline Liaison Officer (ALO) at Lagos Airport, providing training to and assisting Airline Staff to detect forgeries and imposters seeking to travel to the UK. She served similar attachments in Ghana, The Gambia and Sierra Leone. Subsequently she successfully negotiated with the Dutch authorities to agree the establishment of an ALO operation at Schipol Airport, the precedent for the establishment of other such successful operations throughout Europe, so reducing the flow of inadmissible passengers to the UK.

Diane’s highly acclaimed interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of immigration matters serve her well in delivering training across a wide spectrum and she has delivered many well received training packages to law agencies and commercial enterprises in the UK and abroad.

In recent years she served in a number of Immigration Enforcement posts in central London, engaging in the identification and removal of illegal immigrants and other immigration offenders.  As part of her role she developed strong links with partner agencies and in particular contributed to regional community engagement initiatives with the Chinese community. She also worked with charities, local councils and other law enforcement agencies to tackle persistent rough sleeping and anti social behaviour in London. She was awarded an OBE in the 2016 New Years Honours List in recognition of her work in these areas.


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